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The Roux Tanneries SAS

2 Avenue Bruno Larat - BP 66
26102 Romans Sur Isère Cedex

Tél. : +33 (0)
Fax : +33 (0)


Situated in an urban area and under manufacturing authorization, the Roux Tanneries take particular care to respect the limits fixed in the prefectorial order (Prefectorial order N° 2121 of the 22nd June 1994).

The chrome effluents are treated in a well performing chrome removal station which allows them to satisfy the strictest demands. The finishing while keeping the recognized qualities which have made the Tanneries Roux renowned, have been specially studied to respect the emission standards of VOC in the atmosphere.
Finally, a mobilization of all, at all times, ensures that the production tool is kept clean and well maintained in order to meet the requirements of leather quality demanded by their prestigious clients.

Briefly, Sustainable development, a subtle balance between the economic, the social and the environmental has been for several years the daily concern of Tanneries Roux.

station de déchromage