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The Roux Tanneries SAS

2 Avenue Bruno Larat - BP 66
26102 Romans Sur Isère Cedex

Tél. : +33 (0)
Fax : +33 (0)

personnels de tanneries roux


Under the impetus of Jean Claude Ricomard, the Chairman, Tanneries Roux endeavours to meet the needs of its prestigious clients in luxury leathergoods, shoes, clock and watch strap and furniture.

  • Serge BELLIER, Head of the Leather Purchasing Department
  • Sandrine CHAUVIN, Head of the Quality Department
  • Jean Luc COUVREUR, Industral Director
  • Sébastien CROIDIEU, Head of Sales
  • Alain HUSTACHE, Sales Director
  • Frédéric PLAINDOUX, Head of R&D Department

The above team is at your disposal to answer all your requests and are available on the email address
Leader in its sector, Tanneries Roux produce in Romans sur Isère, thanks to a hundred employees, more than 33000m² of leather monthly.

In order to comply with the strictest specifications, all the leather produced is carefully sorted and tested during several rigorous controls in a laboratory gauged each year by CTC (leather technical centre) approved by the MEDAD (Ministry for Ecology and Sustainable development and planning ) and authorized by COFRAC (French Committee for authorizations) N° 1-0130.