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The Roux Tanneries SAS

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26102 Romans Sur Isère Cedex

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matieres premières

raw materials

The ROUX Tanneries work with essentially three types of raw materials :

  • Calves exclusively of French origin and mainly bred for producing meat, reared in stalls during 130 to 150 days and fed with milk based food. The calves have then a carcass weight of 120 to 140 Kg which gives a skin weight of 13 to 15 Kg.
  • The cattle of French origin are bulls mainly of the limousine breed, a rural race which produces excellent leather. We take care to do the carving of the culatte (rear cattle hide) and collet (shoulder) ourselves, in order to get the best distribution between the two pieces. The skins have a weight of 43 to 46 Kg.
  • The sides of kipskin are bought in wet blue

For the three raw materials that we use, a strict control skin by skin is carried out by ourselves before each dispatching to our workshops (Approval N° from the veterinary management services :26-261-001 January 2005)